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God moves toward us in everyday life. He comes close and offers help and hope, especially in our difficulties.

Jeremy Ward,
Christian Counsellor

Hi! I’m Jeremy. I work as a Christian Counsellor in Sydney’s Inner West. I’m passionate about walking with people through a wide range of issues. I see knowing God and applying his wisdom as central to the counselling process.

My counselling room is located in Ashfield but I’m also available to meet via Zoom.


What people are saying

“I saw Jeremy for burnout. I had seen a different Christian psychologist before but I found Jeremy to be more helpful as he pointed me back to Scripture and to God. I found this to be more refreshing and helpful, and it was what needed. I am no longer feeling burnout and have tools to prevent it from happening again.”

— Counsellee One

“Jeremy is an intuitive and compassionate counsellor. He helped me to bridge the gap between scripture and life, by providing me practical and spiritual advice in my time of need. He understands the heart of God, which means that his approach is biblical, personal, invested and warm.”

— Counsellee Two

“Jeremy has a very respectful and non-judgemental approach to counselling. It is so much more powerful when God is involved in each counselling session.

— Counsellee Three

Looking for a counsellor?

Here you’ll find an introduction to the counselling process and some of the things you may like to consider.

What should I expect?

If you’re thinking about meeting with Jeremy, what should you expect? In this video Jeremy introduces his counselling space and outlines the counselling process.

Am I ready for counselling?

Counselling involves an investment of time and resources. Before starting the process it’s worth asking, “Am I ready for counselling?” In this video guides you through some things to consider.

What is biblical counselling?

Jeremy is trained in CCEF’s model of biblical counselling. If you have questions about biblical counselling Jeremy explains it as he sees it.

How does it relate to other helping roles?

In churches we have pastors. In the wider world we have psychologists, therapists, social workers on other helpers. In this video Jeremy considers where biblical counselling fits.

What my clients are saying

Amber is caring, professional, and
extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition. She helped me learn to satisfy my food cravings in a healthy way, and adopt healthy eating habits tailored to my lifestyle. I couldn’t thank her enough! I now feel fitter and healthier than ever.
— Maryann Owens —
After years of bad diets, Amber assisted me to make a better connection with my body. She gave me the tools to be an intuitive eater and make better and healthier choices for myself. I highly recommend her services to all who want to take charge of their health.
— Nora Harrington —
Amber helped me so much! I learned to balance my food cravings in a healthy way and adopt healthy eating habits tailored to my lifestyle. I couldn’t thank her enough! I now feel fitter and healthier than ever.
― Norman B. ―

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Visit Jeremy’s blog where he writes about biblical counselling and shares resources.

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